Himalayas a place to unlearn all that we have learnt in our day to day chores of life.

This image overlooks the Himalayan ranges , Manali region from Himalayan Kothi with the beautiful roses displayed in full splendor a gift of nature to all who  come and experience the bountifulness of gifts of nature in Kullu Valley
Himalayas , as we see from Himalayan Kothi

As the earlier times a hermit goes up in the Mighty Himalayas to challenge himself or herself .

To find the soul which is deep buried under the burdens of daily life existence. Live in nature in the TRUE form and true essence of what these Himalayas have to offer .

Rejuvenate your body and your souls to make way to your enlightened self to engulf the positive energies in the silent Suttle great and high majestic mountains the Himalayas .

Come live in luxury still with closeness to nature.
Enjoy the beauty of silence ,relaxation and renunciation. This is what we all truly need . The love of God is all at display with the bountiful joys nature has to offer . So get away from the hush and bush and heal ones own self.

Himalayan Kothi , Kais (https://himalayankothi.com/about/)is a true balance of nature where ones comes and gets rejuvenated in the welcoming environ . Manali is a place for all people seeking solace , healing and adventure , the Himalayan region of Kullu valley welcomes all who embrace its true essence of its closeness to nature. The accommodation provided  is comfortable and luxurious and still in balance with nature as the wooden villa accomodates a blend of tradition and modern architecture of the region  native to whole of Himalayas “Kathkuni architecture” .  These structures were all designed with local materials of cedar pine  wood and stones . The laid down logs and there criss cross joints withstand all the effect of nature and provide a sustainable structure where the  temperatures are well maintained within the building walls. These wooden villas are  desirous  by all . 

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