Wild Flowers

I am the Wildflower who embraces and flies and dances to her own tune. One has to feel the joy in the wildness of these wild beauties. Are we really that adventurous to venture out into the wild knowing nothing, just the unknown world which has its mysteries and also the joyful experiences of the adventure the forests bring.
It is for few and as soon as someone tries to pluck me and take me to their world, I shrivel and loose my bounce.
Let me be in the wild and mighty Himalayas and experiences I offer in the serene world, explorations and wildness all of the jungles which are receptive and open to all.
Come into my world and yes I take you to the closeness of nature and something more, closeness to the soul which has deep embedded in it the capability of feeling that bond with those simple wild things such as herbs and medicine for our tired bodies and soul .

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