Lifestyle,the way in hills

I never knew anything better than this closeness to the mighty nature , beautiful it is .I hear the birds chirping with a faint noise of a vehicle sometimes in between the majestic mountains ,the villages above above somewhere touching the sky and I must mention far more mesmerising with the views than a sky scraper somewhere in the city .

Water in abundant overflowing from the taps also . The simplicity of life starting on the early hours and very few to sleep late through the morning hours .

Few are those who stay up late and the night falls asleep too soon for the city dwellers. The restfully sleep which is a necessity of the body all get it , relaxed our our souls . Far is our life from the hush and bush of the city life ,the desire of always something more .

We get the joy in even a flower on a spade of grass and music in the flow of the river .. Little are our demands of different types of food . Sufficient we get from the nature .

Such is the lifestyle of the hills

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